Puedo proteger bajo derechos de autor el diseño de una máscara facial?

Lo más probable es que no. “La protección de los derechos de autor para los diseños de artículos útiles es extremadamente limitada. El diseño de un artículo útil está protegido por derechos de autor “solo si, y solo en la medida en que dicho diseño incorpora características pictóricas, gráficas o escultóricas que pueden identificarse por

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Can I Copyright the design of a face mask?

Most likely no. “Copyright protection for the designs of useful articles is extremely limited. The design of a useful article is protected under copyright “only if, and only to the extent that, such design incorporates pictorial, graphic, or sculptural features that can be identified separately from, and are capable of existing independently of, the utilitarian

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USPTO issues a Notice of Waiver of Trademark-Related Timing Deadlines.

Please note that the USPTO Remains Open for Filing Documents and Fees. UPDATED APRIL 30th. However, yesterday March 31, 2020, EXTENDED ON APRIL 30th, in accordance with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act  (CARES Act), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO or Office) issued a Notice extending the time to file

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