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Unlike a trademark or copyright, a trade secret is a piece of intellectual property that cannot be registered with a regulating body to prevent someone else from using it. This makes trade secret protection more complex, requiring the legal expertise of an intellectual property attorney.

What is a trade secret?

A trade secret is information that:
  • Is not generally known to the public
  • grants some sort of economic benefit or advantage to its holder
  • grants some sort of economic benefit or advantage to its holder
  • Is the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain its confidentiality.
Examples of trade secrets include product formulas, customer lists, business methods, and other information that sets your company apart and is critical to your business success.

How Do We Help Protect Your Trade Secrets?

At Augusto Perera, PA, we provide intellectual property protection solutions, including the drafting and enforcement of Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements.

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) ensure your trade secrets are kept private. Before sharing confidential information with someone, such as an employee, you can have them sign an NDA, a legally binding contract that requires them to keep the confidentiality of trade secrets for a fixed period.

Non-Compete Agreements help protect trade secrets even if your employee, who has knowledge of sensitive business information, chooses to leave your company. This employee will be held liable if he or she joins the company of your direct competitor within the indicated period.

Apart from these legal measures, we also provide representation if you wish to bring trade secret infringement to court. Florida is one of the many states that have adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. This law allows trade secret owners to seek remedy against misappropriation of a trade secret or the use of trade secret without permission.

Let our attorney take a closer look at your case, so he can advise you on the succeeding steps you should take. Whether you need an NDA or litigation, you can count on our firm to protect your business interests all throughout the process.

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