Recently we participated in the XX Congress of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property or Asociacion Interamericana de la Propiedad Intellectual, ASIPI. The Annual gathering of Intellectual Property Attorneys from Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from November 25-28th. The Annual gathering is an opportunity for us to meet with associates from the region and to participate in the Academic program of the event to learn about the latest happenings in intellectual property laws of the region. This year, we meet with associates from Chile, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Paraguay, and El Salvador. We also established new relationships with associates/local law firms from Argentina, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. As loyal BNI Member, we always had time to visit a local BNI Chapter, this time BNI 50 in Copacabana. Contact our firm for information on conveniente and cost-effective solutions for registering and managing your trademark portfolios in foreign jurisdictions.