We recently had the opportunity to participate in the Seminar “Digital Business, the New Frontier” organized by the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property  (ASIPI) in Montevideo, Uruguay, March 8 to 10. Started with Key note Speaker: Alexis “Pulpo” Viera, ex soccer player (Uruguay) and his heart breaking story of “Making Possible the Impossible”. Great opportunities for us to learn about the latest happening in “Video Games, Playing to the Limit of the Law, Fashion Law and E- Integration (Omni channels, Virtual mirrors and use of AI), Fintech, the intersection of IP, technology and banking, Over –the – top (OTT) media services, use and management of IP rights, E PTO’s. Use of big data and technology platforms by WIPO and local PTO to improve access and affordability to and of IP rights, How are celebrity protecting their digital rights” and other important subjects. This was also an opportunity to meet in person client’s we haven’t seeing in while and fellow Intellectual Property Attorneys from the region and, of course, Uruguay and their beautiful city of Montevideo, its, music (candombe), wine, history, and food (who can say no to their Chivitos and meat).

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